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Water Testing


• Drinking water as per IS 10500
• Packaged drinking water as per IS 14543
• Packaged natural mineral water as per IS 13428
• Water for FSSAI license IS 10500/ Potability tests.
• Water for BIS license : Raw water as per IS 10500 & Treated water as per IS 14543
• Water for Food processing industry as per IS 4251
• Swimming pool water as per IS 3328
• Waste water and effluent

Container Testing

• Bottles, caps cups, glasses and Jars as per IS:15410

ForBIS licensees of Packaged drinking water following services are given
• Monthly tests
• Six monthly tests
• Yearly-Pesticide residues
• Quarterly raw water and container testing
• Cost effective yearly contracts

Technical Management of Maarc Labs keenly observes the reports of every licensee and personally contact them when improvement is needed..