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Sucroscan Classic Sugar Analysis Systems

Maarc Labs has been providing on site analytical equipment to sugar factories for over a decade. Recently, however, we have taken a big leap by eliminating most of the complicated calibrations and calculations needed in the analytical methods for sugar analysis. Sucroscan Classic spectrophotometer is your two minute solution to getting good quality sugar in the busiest of the crushing seasons! This system is custom made to calculate importantquality parameters like colour by GS9/1/2/3-8,GS2/3-9,GS2/3-10 ,GS1/3-7 methods ,dextran ,reducing sugars ,phosphate, sulphur-di-oxide ,turbidity of sugar and sugar house products with just the press of a button. It also comes with the right configuration of equipment, exactly as per requirements of ICUMSA, standardized reagents and training to factory staff by our experts at factory site.

Older models of this system have been installed in 400 leading sugar mills in India, covering 8 states and all top groups. The system is also used in the four sugar mills in Sudan, one in Bangladesh and two in Nigeria and one in Ethiopia.

No wonder that this miraculous innovation has been honoured by prestigious industrial meritawards from MCCIA viz.G.S.Parkhe,Ramabai Joshi in year 2000 and recently Harimalini Joshi in year 2015 for the most advanced Sucroscan Classic Model .

If you are already a Sucroscan user, here’s an excellent opportunity to upgrade to Sucroscan Classic!

Sucroscan Classic
The Ultimate Spectrophotometer for Sugar Laboratory

Sucroscan classic Sugar Analysis System - Wonder of Sugar Analysis

Now all your analysis results are just button push away - With Sucroscan Classic

Introducing our latest innovation SUCROSCAN Classic, a high performance, user friendly visible spectrophotometer which will make Sugar analysis, surprisingly easy.

Unique features of Sucroscan Classic :

• New design with enhanced performance, high accuracy and fast reading times.
• Delivers direct, calculated values for all the critical process and quality parameters:
• Best wavelength accuracy and repeatability.
• Automatic wavelength selection for selected application.
• High performance detector for stability and repeatability.
• Latest generation of electronics leading to better accuracy in analysis.
• No moving parts which makes the unit extremely reliable with minimum maintenance.
• Built in menus guide the user through the analysis set up procedure, ensuring simple, error free operation.
• With only two function keys, auto zero and ok, Sucroscan classic is extremely easy to use for any operator.
• No other spectrophotometer can offer such advantages. Totally new and innovative approach to the sugar analysis.
• Does not require complicated procedures of plotting standard graphs and calculations.
• Performing the tests in 2 simple steps — prepare the sample with our ready to use reagents & take the reading on Sucroscan.

The System is flexible and suitable for a wide variety of applications in sugar mill laboratory.

Sucroscan Classic sugar Analysis Sytem

Technical Specification

Wavelength range 340 to 1000 nm
Wavelength accuracy ±1 nm
Wavelength repeatability ±1 nm
Wavelength resolution 1nm
Spectral Bandwidth ±0.05 ABS @ 1 ABS
Photometric Range -0.3 to 2.5 ABS
Absorption resolution 0.001 ABS
Stray light < 0.2 %T
Source Lamp Tungsten Halogen lamp
Technology Stabilized single beam
Detector Silicon photodiode
Measuring modes % T and ABS
Display 4 x20 characteralphanumerical LCD display
One touch analysis key board : For Sugar Color,Turbidity,Dextran,S02, Reducing
Sugar, P2O5
Cuvette Universal cuvette holder 10 mm to100 mm
Power requirement 90 to240 VAC / 50 Hz.
Dimensions 380 X 430 X 160 mm
Weight 17 Kg (Approx.)

The Sugar Quality People :

Sucroscan classic is designed for rapid and accurate analysis of sugar with maximum user convenience. This has been achieved by applying our knowledge & experience of more than 2 decades in sugar testing.Sucroscan Classic is developed by Maarc Labs under the leadership Dr.(Mrs.) V. S. Keskar (Vice President ICUMSA & Referee GS-9) and Dr. S. S. Nimbalkar (Asso. Referee ICUMSA) who have done pioneering work in the field of sugar analysis. Maarc Labs is having active participation in
Dr. (Mrs.) V. S. Keskar
Sadashiv Nimbalkar
ICUMSA activities by creation of new subject for PWS, development and validation of new methods & organization of international collaborative tests. Training at factory site, guidance for quality improvement and regular maintenance by our engineers are additional benefits of taking services of Maarc Labs. More than 250 sugar mills in 5 countries have experienced it. No wonder Sucroscan system has received G. S. Parakhe, Industrial merit award from MCCIA.