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Quality Management Systems

MAARC LABS PVT. LTD. stresses an uncompromising commitment to quality and adherence to a strong quality system and quality assurance programme.

Quality System
The laboratory functions by the stringent norms of the ISO / IEC 17025 quality management system that assures the customer-

• State of the art instrumentation
• Close monitoring of Quality Control
• Documentation of random and systematic variation
• Reliable and validated SOPs
• Continuous up-gradation of infrastructures
• Calibration of equipment as per schedule
• Confidentiality of results

  • Our Quality Policy

Quality Assurance Programme
We consider quality of work to be a prerequisite in meeting our client needs and therefore we have a comprehensive quality assurance programme, which ensures that the data produced will be of known quality, scientifically sound and accurately documented.

The elements of our Quality Assurance Program include -
International Collaborative Tests :
We actively participate in method validation programmes of ICUMSA by organizing International Collaborative Tests. Our proficiency has been proved by excellent performance in these international tests.

Proficiency Testing Programmes: The laboratory is a regular participant of PT Rounds organized by LGC/PCI, FAPAS(UK),NABL

Measurement Traceability : We have established programme for calibration of major equipments and we use Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) traceable to NIST for calibration. Critical glassware used in analysis are also regularly calibrated.

Data Control : Calculations, data entry and data transfer are checked at each point eliminating significant opportunity for data recording errors.

Training : All the analytical tests are performed by only trained analysts. It is ensured that each analyst meets performance criteria before performing test

  • Service to Client

At MAARC LABS PVT. LTD. we hold the principle to total customer satisfaction with outstanding service to our clients in following way

Confidentiality : We safeguard commercial interests of our clients and their customers. All employees sign confidentiality agreement so that at all times they shall conduct themselves in an honest and ethical manner. All the data or information is considered confidential or proprietary by our clients.

Complaint resolution : Our policy is to attend customer complaint promptly, take appropriate action and to minimize the complaints continually. All the complaints are systematically resolved by root cause analysis followed by corrective action and if necessary, by preventive action. >

Customer Survey : We conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys to get positive as well as negative feed back.

Expedient Turnaround : Our dedicated and efficient laboratory staff and state of the art infrastructure allow us to maximize sample throughput and provide the fastest turnaround available at any commercial testing laboratory.

Guidance : Our authority on the subject enables us to provide opinions and interpretations based on the data of test results whenever required.

Method Standardization : The fusion of instrumental, laboratory and personnel resources provides a dedicated technical facility of developing/standardizing new methods, not presently on our service list.

Uncertainty Measurement : Now a days the concept of estimation of uncertainty is a vital requirement of ISO 17025 and we consistently monitor the level of proficiency by uncertainty measurement of NABL accredited test methods