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News and Events

Water Analysis Training Program organized at Maarc Labs Pvt. Ltd.

2 Days Training Program (28.02.2019 to 01.03.2019) was conducted at Maarc Labs Pvt. Ltd. on behalf of BIS. This program was for chemists and microbiologists from various packaged drinking water plants around Pune.
18 participants attended this program. BIS dignitaries Mr. Sanjay Gupta, Mr. Mayank Shukla and Mr. Shital Patil also joined hands to train the candidates on the following topics.

  • Mr. Sanjay Gupta : BIS requirements and license renewal, deferment and stop marking.
  • Mr. Shital Patil : About SIT (Scheme of Inspection and Testing.)
  • Mr. Mayank Shukla : About hygiene and calibration certificates.

The training program was well received by the participants. It provided important guidelines concerning their difficulties in day to day analysis.

Great Achievement of Dr. Keskar in recent ICUMSA Session at Kruger National Park, South Africa during 26th to 29th August 2018

It gives me a great pleasure to inform you that 31st Session of ICUMSA was held at Kruger National Park, South Africa during 26th to 29th August 2018. Dr. (Mrs.) V. S. Keskar and Dr. S. S. Nimbalkar attended this session on behalf of the Indian National Committee.

During this session Dr. Geoff Perkin (UK) stepped down from the President ship of ICUMSA. In his farewell address, while taking the review of contributions made by Referees during his tenure of 12 years as a President, he specifically highlighted the work done by Dr. Keskar in development of plantation white sugar subject and methods of analysis. As a recognition of her achievement, President felicitated her as “Best Referee” with a memento . A rare feat and proud moment for Indian Sugar Industry!

On the basis of report of GS9 presented by Dr. Keskar, two important decisions were taken by ICUMSA.

  • The ICP/MS method for analysis of metal elements in sugar, which was validated in Maarc Labs, is accepted as a ICUMSA method. (For analysis of heavy metals as per requirement of FSSAI, this method will be suitable)
  • Changes in colour method No. 8 (MOPS buffer) recommended by Dr. Keskar for making it applicable to all types of sugars were accepted by the meeting and accordingly the method will be redrafted.