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About us
About Maarc Lab

MAARC LABS PVT. LTD. is a privately owned, commercial and totally independent testing laboratory specializing in sugar, sugar by- products,water, agri-products, food products and environmental analysis. Established in 1996, to meet the need for an efficient and dependable analysis service to sugar producing and using industries, Maarc labs has now expanded its activities to include chemical and microbiological analysis of food products, raw, process and packaged drinking water, and export quality fruits and vegetables.

The laboratory is owned by a group of experienced scientists with PhDs in the field of chemistry, microbiology and chemical engineering. As a result accuracy of testing and adherence to good laboratory practices is our top priority. Our services and consultancy are constantly upgraded with the international standards by acquiring the latest national and international certifications and accreditations.

Maarc Labs Pvt. Ltd.

We assure honest, factual, precise, reproducible data quality, prompt service and competitive rates.We are also open to improving ourselves by listening to our customer’s feedback. We are unique, in that, we combine multidisciplinary analysis with an in-house expert from every field. So we are able to provide not just analytical services, but also process related consultancy to improve your product quality.

MAARC Labs has established a strong and well defined quality system based on ISO/IEC 17025(2005). Regular quality control and quality checks are making our system more trustworthy for our customers. Our quality system is characterised by

• Well planned internal audits by trained auditors.
• Regular quality control including spiked samples.
• Ongoing method validations in testing areas to push our detection limits to the lowest and to add new methods into our scope of analysis.
• Participation in proficiency testing programs and ILCs.
• Well defined calibration schedule for all instruments and equipment.
• Continuous training of technical personnel for better performance.
• Frequent upgradation in infrastructure for expansion of scope.
• Full time supervision of the management on testing activity.
• Client oriented attitude to help and guide them as per their requirements.
• Culture of honesty and transparency.


Notable Achievements

MAARC LABS PVT. LTD. (Mile Stones in the progress )

Establishment of Maarc Labs Pvt. Ltd.
G. S. Parkhe Industrial Merit award and Ramabai Joshi award from MICCA (Pune)
Approval from Coca-Cola India for testing sugar and sugar syrup in India.
Woman entrepreneur award from Jagatik Marathi Chamber of Commerce.(Mumbai)
Organized international collaborative test for ICUMSA first time in India.
Accreditation from NABL for sugar testing as per ISO/IEC 17025.
Appointment of Dr. Keskar as Referee PWS by ICUMSA during ICUMSA session Atlanta
Udyog Janani Kamal award from Pravin Masalewale trust
Global recognition from PepsiCo International for sugar analysis
Woman entrepreneur award from Dyanaprabodhini and Supnekar Trust
Accreditation from NABL for heavy metals and pesticide residue testing in food.
Election of Dr. (Mrs.) V. S. Keskar as a Vice President of ICUMSA.
NABL accreditation as per ISO/IEC 17025 for Microbiological testing.
Global recognition from The Coca Cola Company, Atlanta (USA) for sugar, syrup and pesticide residue testing.
Recognition from Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for testing Packaged Drinking Water and Sugar
Recognition from Food Safety Standards Authority of India for food testing
Organized international collaborative test for introduction of new methods for Iron and Copper in ICUMSA Methods Book
Organized international collaborative test for introduction of new methods for Zinc and Cadmium in ICUMSA Methods Book
Hari Malini Joshi Award for SUCROSCAN new products and Designs from MICCA (Pune)
Approval from APEDA