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Aquascan Classic - High Pressure Boiler Water Analysis Systems
Impurities in boiler water are the dangerous culprits responsible for lowering efficiency of co-gen plants .Accurate analysis of water used in boilers plays an important role in this process . Just like our flagship sugar analysis system, we have also set up an integrated analysis system for high pressure boiler water analysis. This is a ready reckoner for co gen water analysis needs characterised by inbuilt calculations for the frequently used parameters. This instrument can be completely operated by your chemists using only two buttons (auto zero and read), making it one of our most rugged products so far.

You not only can analyse chloride ,phosphates, iron ,copper, hydrazine, ammonia but also critical silica below 20 ppb in water with a great ease .

When you associate with us, you are not just buying equipment. You are also assuring yourself of technical support in any process related problem.

The Ultimate Spectrophotometer for Co-gen Laboratory.....!

Now all your analysis results are just Button push away‐ with Aquascan.
Introducing our analysis results innovation AQUASCAN, a high performance, user friendly visible spectrophotometer which will make water analysis, surprisingly easy.

Unique Features of AQUASCAN:
• New design with enhanced performance, high accuracy and fast reading times.
• Delivers direct, calculated values for all the critical process and quality parameters.
• Automatic wavelength selection for selected application.
• High performance detector for stability and repeatability.
• No moving parts which makes the unit extremely reliable with minimum maintenance.
• Built in menus guide the user though the analysis set up procedure, ensuring simple, error free operation.
• With only two function keys, auto zero and ok, Aquascan is extremely easy to use for any operator.
• Not other spectrophotometer can offer such advantages. Totally new and innovative
• approach to the water analysis.
• Does not require complicated procedures of plotting standard graphs and calculations.

Aquascan Classic - High Pressure Boiler Water Analysis System
Technical Specification

Spectral Bandwidth ≤ 4 nm
Light Source Tungsten‐halogen lamp
Detector Silicon Photodiode
Modes %T, Abs and other water analysis
Wavelength range 340‐1000nm
Monochromator 600 lines/mm holographic grating
Wavelength readability 1 nm
Wavelength Accuracy ±2nm
Wavelength reproducibility ± 1 nm
Stray light < 0.2 %T (at 400 nm.)
Photometric range ‐0.3A to 2.5A
Photometric Accuracy ±0.01A at 0.3A, ±0.03A at 1.0A measured at 520nm
Display 4 line 20 character alphanumeric LCD
Cuvette Universal cuvette holder 10 to 100 mm
Dimensions 380 X 430 X 160 mm
Weight 17 kg (Aprox.)
Power requirement 90 to 240 VAC / 50 Hz
One touch analysis Keypad For chloride, Phosphate ,Silica, Fe/Cu, Hydrazine and Ammonia